Los Angeles

Student Testimonials

"I saw the instructors performing at the Ford theater two weeks ago and took my first classes last week. I can't rave enough about this place! The instruction was great and the instructors are very passionate! Will definitely be taking more classes soon!"

- Albert J.


"I had been wanting to take Flamenco Classes for as long as I can remember but had not had the opportunity.  I am so excited about the class that I am taking with Alexandra.  She is amazingly talented as a performer and passionate about her teaching.  She challenges you as a dancer and that is what I need.  I am still in the early stages but because of her I am feeling even more passionately about the art than when I started."

- Christina M.

"To be totally honest, these flamenco instructors are, by far, the best instructors I have ever studied with. They are patient, NOT arrogant (as I have found in so many others I have tried to study with), and very good at their craft. They take the time to break things down and they attend to every single person in the class, no matter their level. I have studied Bulerias, Sevillanas, Cajon and Flamenco Music Theory with these folks, and I LOVE them.  Six stars."

- Jojo Z.